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Stump Grinding Service in West Bloomfield

Commercial & Residential Tree Care. Serving Oakland County, Wayne County, and Livingston County Michigan

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

Stumps are unsightly and potentially hazardous. A stumble over one is often all one needs to remind them of the ‘agony of defeat’.

The small cost incurred to remove a tree stump can be a major offset to future property damage or trip and fall injuries.

As a stump dries out, it becomes a haven for both airborne and sub-terrainian termites, in addition to ants, roaches and other such pests. It may also become a den for possums, squirrels, racoons, snakes and many such yard-loving creatures. Once their home is established, it does not take long for them to move in with YOU!

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Stump Removal Goals:

The mulch from the stump grinding can them be used in your garden, flowerbeds, or composted for future use. Nothing to throw away!

Once a stump has been ground out, you can then continue with your planting/landscaping needs.

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